Bell Bicycle Trailer

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Bell bike trailers are made to serve several purposes. They can haul small children or loads and can be adapted to carry pets as well. Consider the space available for hauling your type of load. Trailers that can convert for biking, jogging and other purposes are worth the extra money if you have a wide variety of pursuits.


Look for a good attachment system that connects easily to your bike. The trailer should be highly visible, <a href="">150cc chinese scooter parts</a>, with reflectors or the rear and wheels and reflective tape, strips or fabric. The fabric should be weather resistant, well-sewn and easily wiped clean.

Because you depend on the fabric to suspend and support much of the load, check the seams for good construction. Depending on where a separation occurs, failure of a seam could render the cart essentially useless, unsafe or prove difficult to repair. Check that the harness is able to keep your child upright during transit.


Double-check that the hitch works well with your bicycle and does not impede your ability to pedal. If possible, bring along the bike and child you intend to pair with the trailer to test it out completely before buying. Make sure hitch clamps are nylon coated in order to avoid scratching the bike paint. Bell bicycle trailers can be tough to find new.


Bell products are priced far lower than many competitor models. If you are looking for a good, basic trailer and do not want to spend the extra cash for accessories, conversions or more complex systems, theirs are a good choice--affordable and durable. Their trailers cost $99 to $250 new, hundreds of dollars less than competitors.


Inside the compartment, cup holders and pouches help keep the kids organized, prevent spills and stow your gear where smaller items can be located efficiently. Quick release wheels make tire maintenance less of a hassle. Added safety features never hurt. A safety flag can float above the storage compartment to increase visibility, especially appropriate if you bike along busy roads.


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