Hovercraft make a comeback

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Sir Christopher Cockerell invented hovercraft during the 1950抯. He first came up with the idea when he was thinking how to make a boat go faster by reducing the amount of friction caused when it travels through the water, first testing the 'hover' theory using a cat food tin inside a coffee tin, with an industrial air blower and a pair of kitchen scales. Hovercraft were first described as a revolutionary new form of transport that can operate on sea and land, a sort of man-made flying saucer.


The commercial success of hovercraft suffered from rapid rises in fuel prices during the late 1960s and 1970s following conflict in the Middle East; alternative over-water vehicles such as wave-piercing catamarans used less fuel. Hovercraft have unique capabilities that make them ideal for rescue, military and commercial applications such as underwater wreck location, oil exploration, and coastal civil engineering projects.


Small leisure hovercraft are now proving extremely popular as all terrain alternatives to personal watercraft and Jet Skis. These 2-3 seat craft achieve speeds of up to 45 mph. The ability to drive from land to water and back over land without stopping is at first slightly unnerving since boats traditionally slow and stop at the water edge; http://www.motoparts-superstore.com ,hovercraft just keep on going. Hovercraft are real all-terrain vehicles, and use their air cushion and thrust propulsion to good effect.


Hovercraft are more environmentally friendly than other marine craft, they don exhaust fumes into the water like boats, or cool engines through water intake systems, nor do they damage sensitive marine life with spinning propellers. Hovercraft make barely any impact on the surface they fly over, having less weight per square centimetre than a sea gull standing on one leg. This characteristic is often demonstrated by videos such as the following showing hovercraft flying over unbroken eggs without cracking any. Manufacturer Reaction International Ltd recently announced a new production process to keep up with growing demand, with hulls now manufactured from High Density PE.


Hov Pod flying is addictive, and very popular with rental operators. Start the engine and you rise about 8 inches in the air, as if on some anti gravitational levitation sci-fi vehicle. Bemused onlookers peek under your skirt to see where the wheels are; there aren any. Increase the throttle, and move forward on the cushion of air. You have freedom to float off and away, over any flat surface, flying a Hov Pod is exhilarating, liberating, adrenaline pumping and addictive.Launch at anytime, regardless of tide conditions. No need to worry about submerged rocks, manatees or coral, you have no propeller in the water to damage the marine environment, youe as free as a bird to fly here and there, sliding, gliding, performing 180 turns or 360/720 spins. Strong currents may slow the progress of boats, but Hov Pods are not in contact with the water, so rise above that sort of problem.


Hov Pods are very comfortable, you don slap into water, and jar your back like PWC riders do, you glide and slide on your soft cushion of air. Hov Pods are very versatile, able to drive in many different locations, great for exploring, hunting and fishing, and able to launch practically anywhere. No need to launch from a trailer down the slipway, boat fashion, just unhitch on dry land, and glide down the slipway or over the mud and sands to the sea. Upon your return, just drive up the slipway or beach. It takes just ten minutes to understand the basics.


You just use a normal handlebar for steering with twist grip throttle. Steer to the left or right, and the rudders will direct the air accordingly. Once you have mastered the basics, the real fun begins. You can do 180 turns up the beach, or perpetual 360s, 720 spins and so on. As you can drive on both sea and land, you probably want to combine both in a little beach hugging exercise. You can turn in graceful loops, or slide and glide where the mood takes you. You can access areas that are simply out of bounds for any other craft.

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