How can car dealers generate more organic automotive leads

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In order to answer your question accurately it would need to be on a case-by-case basis as most Car Dealerships employ a vast variety of web applications, different inventory controls and website platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS) as well as the fact that most dealers have a revolving door of the very individuals that could be most effective in helping them generate additional organic (free) leads from their website or social media efforts; their Internet Managers/Directors and BDC (Business Development Center) Managers. Each of the processes of each of these various dealership assets and personnel can play a factor in the total number of organic automotive leads that a dealership may receive on an ongoing basis.


The key to a car dealership generating the most organic leads online is through consistency. A dealership, no matter how large or small, needs to continually be adding value to their visitors by promoting their own website with high quality content, on-site and off-site. On site they need to have some type of a "News Feed" or blog that resides on a sub directory (not sub-domain) of their own dealership domain name to post informational and relevant content as well as dates and sign up information for promotional events. Any off-site link building needs to be published on relevant and industry-reputable websites or blogs while maintaining the same positive characteristics that Search Engines are used to seeing in high quality content dirt bike parts for sale.


Each dealership website could greatly benefit from having a slightly aggressive yet quality refined link building campaign performed by an Automotive SEO specialist that remains consistent and works to compliment their dealership blogging and Social Media efforts. These efforts need to be carefully planned and coordinated together to produce the most effective outcome and ROI (Return On Investment) over the months and years to come. Its not about just one tweet that pulled in a lead or one single lead that was referred by a search engine and resulted in a sale, its about how to create a consistent and ongoing funnel to capture the greatest percentage of local car buyers online and bring them to the dealerships website, thus avoiding any and all 3rd party lead providers.


One of the major downfalls that a good many dealers have today that can also negatively effect the number of organic leads is that some car dealers inventory is "iFramed" into their website pages for display to their website visitors. Iframes are a digital window (actually a script) where a visitor can see what exists on another webpage. This web design tactic is used all over the web yet search engines look at these frames as black holes and they cannot read or index any of the information behind it and they cannot associate the source of that inventory feed as being on the dealers actual domain name. There can be a major loss of traffic data from inventory page clicks within an iFrame. This can be easily fixed with the proper website structure and inventory integration that would allow for what is known as "indexed inventory" that can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines on the dealerships main domain name thus resulting in a much greater number of pages in each search engine index while simultaneously increasing the volume of website traffic that is referred by those very search engines.


To close the question I would say that if a dealer is paying close attention to all of these various factors and actually putting forth effort to find a way to add value to his or her dealership online then they are already well on the way to having a successful organic lead campaign.


There are only three ways to generate vehicle sales leads in the car business:


1. Have the exact inventory the customer is looking for.


2. Give the customer the impression that you have the inventory they want whether you do or not.


3. Retain a previous customer


From an SEO perspective, this means that you need to make sure all of your vehicle content is updated on your site and all your syndicated sites as soon as it added or sold, and then make sure all of that inventory is pushed out to as many aggregators as possible.


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