Our Dream About Motor

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My name is Huangjianhua, I am 66 years old,I bought a new motor of Honda,this motor is belong me, I am so happy, I decided to realize my young dream ,travel the China ,I want to do this when I am not so old, I want to see the beautiful scenery, to my dreaming place, maybe when I dead, I can say ,yes ,I have no pity, some one ask me, why choose Honda, because its quality is very good, it’s very good,.and it has a high comment about it ,and nearly everyone know the brand Honda, it has a high popularity in peoples, we all called it the Honda can’t broken for ride, so I choose it, indeed , after I test drive the motor, I find it is really good. My choice is right.

Actually , to travel with motor is so excited, even through there maybe a little hard, but almost time is happy, we like risking and expedition,because there maybe some surprise waiting for me, may be we don;t know what is in front of us, but we have the courage to face that, life is a full of attractive journey, you wanna to explore the mysterious things in it. We climb so many mountains with my lovely motor , reach the top of mountain, even the air on the top is hard to breath, lack oxygen , the weather is bad , snow and blow, so cold, but we smile on the top and take a picture to memory the memorial time. Of course ,the Honda is beside me. He is my good brother.

This story about Huangjianhua is telling us this is not too late to realize your dream, only you want ,you can pack your bag , only you want, you can do everything you want, we should learn the courage and spirit from this 66years old man ,he is not an old man or grandfather, he always young in my heart, in my eyes, he is an awesome man. Ok, let’s listen the next story about motor.

My name is Yang yanling, I want to ride the best motor to marry you ,this ward may be the most romantic ward I have ever listen. This is the most plain vows about love, until that day, you make a decision that you spend your savings that saved nearly three years to bought a new Honda, we are so glad, but we also feel sorry for the expensive price, but he said, I will use the best motor to marry my most loving person, it’s you, my heart leaps up, move is at that time, I give a hug to him and say ,yes ,I do.

We got the motor in 2000 ,now is 2013, during the 13 years, our home changed so much, many things are throw to the garbage bin, but the Honda always here, company with us ,it witness our wedding ,we take a good care of it , so it looks so clear and nice, just like a new one, we will get together forever , no one can apart us. Our lovely motor. Our Honda.

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