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As we all known, MBK is a company which built in French in the early years, it is a motor manufactor in Europe, and has 80 years’ its beginning , it was called the Motorbecane, since the YAMAHA merged it in 1984, even through this , the MBK manufactor still keep the aim and form that produce the local motor of French. From that ,its name changed into MBK,the design idea of motor mainly focus on the design of apperance,quality, the innovation and the use of new present motor market .


After analysis all keys, the MBK manufactor put their attention on the small-displacement motor, such as their main type of motor ,the Booster 12 inch, it is said that this motor is popular in French, what’s more, it has occured in the motor maket of overseas countries , its brand is very famous now, actually ,this Booster 12 inch reflct that the Frenchman aspire after the fashion and freedom, enjoy the life ,especially they are happy and pleased with themselves,just enjoy the comfortable life, the leisure, the slow rhythm, the slow life , the main production line conclude two main engine, they are 125 cc engine and 55cc engine , of course ,the use the 125cc dirt bike parts, and 55cc ones .vary from sports type to common type, at the mean time, the MNK manufactor also empolder the Skidding motor and Small racing imitation motor.


The technical parameter of Booster 12 inch is listed in the next paragraph.

The long, wide and high is 1685mm,690mm,1052mm, the wheel base is1172mm, the lowest distance to earth is 124mm, the total weightis 82 kg, the engine are two-stroke gasoline engine and Single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The displacemint is 49.2cc, cylinder diameter is 70.5mm* 44.0mm. The the compression ratio is 7.2:1, the maximum power is 2.4kw, equivalent to 6500r per minute, the maximum torque is 3.6N.m, equal to 6000r per minute, the fuel tankage is 5.3L, the Ignition method is belt drive and Automatic transmission clutch.


What is the fascination of Booster 12 inch? Compared with the Veloce 50 of Beeling in England, wneh nyou ride on the Booster 12 inch,you may feel it’s different,because the wheels size is more than 2 than common tires, it’s wheels is 12 feet,maybe it was the 2 feet, let you feel more comfortable.let you have a different the newest type of Booster 12 inch have two colours available , they are purple and red, this meet different comsumers aesthetic standard and choice ,the same type of motor that the MBK produced are Booster,Booster naked 12 inch , all they are 50cc engines, simple design and looks not inflexible.maybe the first feel when you see it must be light and handy, just like a bird flying in the sky.


To do a summarize, no matter the Booster 12 inch of French. Or the Veloce 50 of Beeling in England, they all are light and handy, they are also the classical motor in the market, no matter which one will you choose to ride ,I believe it will bring you a good experience,at the end of summer , and the beginning of Autumn, ride your lovly motor ,come with her ,to see the autumnal scenery , cloze your eyes, smell the fragrance of fragrans. So nice .come on.


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