Those Happy Time We Get Together With Motor

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When we have activity, the motor broken in a night, there is no repair shop was opened at that time , there is no any ways to solve this , at last ,every body do their best to repair it themselves, depending on a little knowledge of how to repair motor at the usual time, If this method can’t work, I guess may be the dirt bike engine is broken, we will send the motor to the motor friend’s home near here,put it well, and wait to be repaired tomorrow,in a hard time, you will know how hard that friendship is.

Especially when we have a big party, there always have several person help to organize the party, arrange motor, or clean the hobby, they put themselves out of the way, so we thank them so much, our dear motor friends, they just hope this party will hold successfully. And all the people who take part in the party will have a nice night, if you are me, you may move by these good brother.

Speaking about the activity , our camp have activity nearly everyday,generally speaking, it divided into two big part, one is daily activities, it was always at night, go to KTV, have dinner, or climb mountains, play basketball, drink wine, talking about the attainment experience. We also discuss about the trouble in our work, the bad mood in our daily life, after all , we al share happiness and sorrow, and another part is trip, just like travel around the city, the motor performance, or ride the new motor for have a try.

If we go to have a trip , we may choose the Statutory holidays,because all our member can have time to get together, more people, more fans, and the large party is summer camp and winter camp, and the summer camp place we choose to play is Lumin lake in Zhongshan, it’s near the the national road, so it is convenient for motor friends, by the way , the scenery of that place is so beautiful, the sunshine is good, it’s a fine day ,we ride the motor on the good road, laughed and shout loudly, take away the bad mood, and bring good mood, the another place is Nanshui village, this place have full-bodied civilization of water , and we got to the beach several times, some friends said ,he likes the beach very much,these places become our first choice, we have organized several times, so we have a little experience.

When we make the next time’s plan ,we will think more across-the-board, we focus on the details. For example, this time, we go to Taishan on 1st, May, we also go to join the activity in Jiangmen ,because these two place are the same road, motor trip. We may feel the civilization of local , not only enrich our knowledge and content, but also have discuss with other riders, it’s benefit for the development of motor camp. We are all glad to do this, we a re so happy, we all hope the camp can develop more better.

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