TVS apache RTR180 ABS

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The TVS apache RTRI80 has been around for two years now and it got an upgrade this year.  The bike has been equipped with ABS now and the company claims that their test riders were able to reduce their outright lap times with this upgrade. However, we didn' t really feel that way. Had it been a tighter track, which required harder braking, the ABS might have helped, but at the Chennai race-track there is just one place where you might have to brake a little hard and we don't think the ASS will still have any role to play even there.


Coming to the performance of the bike, the RTR180 has a very able chassis that aids its handling to a great extent. The RTR is excellent when it comes to flicking the bike from one side to the other. It turns in quickly too. 'The bike's rear suspension was stiffened up, which helped us in humpy sections. Owing to the excellent throttle response and peppy power delivery, building up speeds at exits was easy. However, the 180-cc motor powering the RTR is not strong enough towards the top end and peaks very soon, With 17.3 PS of peak power, the RTR is not lacking in power~ but it still lacks what it takes to be a true winner. The bike barely managed to stay at a three - digit speed for a few seconds.

Finally, the brakes on the RTR are excellent while a better set of tyres would help in dropping the lap times a little.
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