Your Vacation Walking Shoes

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Carefully chosen walking shoes will make a world of difference on your vacation. Your feet are as unique as your personality so just any old shoes won't do.Here are some tips to help you choose the right walking shoes for you.


Your feet will swell on a walk. So pick a walking shoe that is about a size bigger than you usually would buy. Or, if possible, try on your shoes after a long walk.Fit your shoes while wearing the same socks that you will be wearing on your vacation.


Consider the type of walking you will be doing. Hiking boots are good for poorly maintained trails, off trail or cross country hikes. But they are heavy and stiff. Stick with walking or running shoes for walks on paved or maintained trails.


Make sure there is room at the toes and the sides. Even a small amount of rubbing will produce blisters.Cushioned shoes provide comfort and are great for non rugged walking surfaces. They usually have a little less support.


Lightweight is important when you are walking all day. You can afford to give up a little support for light weight when you are walking on pavement or maintained trails.



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