A Considerable Demand For Sporty Automatic Scooters Among College-goers

Notwithstanding their late entry into this segment Suzuki managed to carve a niche for themselves in the Indian scooter market with the Access 125. The Access created and ruled the 125-cc automatic scooter segment right from its launch, although its mature looks did nor hold much appeal for the youth. There is a considerable demand for sporty automatic scooters among college-goers, who prefer them for their convenience such as the under-seat storage, Teenagers, on the other hand go for them because the law forbids those under 18 to ride geared two-wheelers.

Enter the Swish 125. This scooter marks the company's entry into the sub-segment and win co-exist with its elder sibling, the Access 125. However, Suzuki do not enjoy a monopoly in this segment any longer. So how does the Swish fare against competition? We pitted it against Mahindra's recently launched Duro 125 DZ to find out.

In absolute terms, neither scooter is a completely new offering. Whereas the DZ is the higher variant of the Duro, the Swish has the Access under its skin. While the DZ only gets a new headlight and livery compared to the Duro's design Suzuki have changed all the body panels of the Access to make the Swish, giving it a completely new identity.

The headlight of the Swish is located on the head unit and has horn-like edges that give it an aggressive look. The front panel has a snout for a nose with a V-shaped vent near the top and narrow, triangular turn indicators stacked vertically while the front fender continues the slope of the snout. The panel below the sear has an upward slope towards the rear end and the tail-light and real indicators bear Suzuki's family look. The instrument console located on the dashboard is compact and includes analogue speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge along with tell-tale lights against a blue background. The new rear grab-rail and black exhaust shield complete the list of distinctions between the Swish and the Access.

The Swish has a sporty design with a superior fit-and-finish compared to the subtle character of the DZ's which looks dated in comparison. It also offers a better riding posture and more legroom than the DZ due to its flatter foot-board. To the naked eye, the Swish appears bigger, but is, in fact, smaller and lighter than the DZ. It also has a five-millimetre higher ground clearance and its saddle is 10 mm lower than the DZ's. If you want to know more information about scooter parts info at www.motopartscenter.com

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