If You Are A Nature Love

This ride takes you on a fast highway and then through a spectacular forest road that can truly be called a scooters' paradise. When you have a companion like the scooter, then the fun quotient just goes higher up.

The routs that we toot was Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum-Dandeli, which is basically on NH4. I started at 6am from Pune and before I could realize I was already on the beautiful NH4, headed for Belgaum via Kolhepur. Once again the scooter exhibited its spectacular handling and superb ABS brakes when we crossed the beautiful Khambatki Ghat that has some really nice long sweeping corners where the handling of the scooter inspires a lot of confidence, and the ABS brakes work perfectly well, keeping the scooter in your control.

After crossing this superb stretch of road I was on my way towards Kolhapur. By 9.00am I was nearing Kolhapur and, an hour later, I had crossed over into Karnataka. One can immediately notice the change in road surface once you leave Maharashtra and enter Karnataka. The highway changes from a four-lane road into a six-lane one, covered with concrete surface instead of tarmac. This is also one of the fastest sections on the route to the Kali River Forest.

It was on this section of the highway that I was able to really experience the exhilarating power of the scooter parts. I started slowly, gradually twisting the throttle and I was astonished to find that the engine parts did not show any sign of stress, and was just effortressly propelling the scooter forward. And when I glanced at the speedometer, the scooter was already doing 120 km/h. I was also surprised to realise that the scooter still had some more power en tap. However I had to slow down on account of dense traffic. More parts info, click www.motopartscenter.com
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