Imaginationg About An New Brand ATV

If I want to ride any distance in winter without discomfort, will I have to buy heated grips from an after-market supplier? Why can't I plumb in a heated jacket? Why can't I easily move the handlebar down for motorway trips, then up again. for town use?

After buying the ATV, did I have to buy and fit an after-market luggage system or some ATV parts; and why did I slice open mny thumb on a sharp silencer heat-shield last weekend, while attempting to bungee something to the seat? Surely, I shouldn't be forced to buy a sports-tourer just because I sometimes need to carry stuff? Why, when I ride even a short distance on damp or wet roads, will I end up with dirt and possibly road salt all over vulnerable parts from the exhaust system to the rear suspension bushes? Surely a naked ATV shouldn't be so hard to keep clean.

Why, before every trip, must I undo a U-lock from the front wheel, find somewhere to stash it, then undo the padlock-and-chain that I keep round the rear wheel, often getting chain lube on my hands in the process?

Why can't ATVs incorporate an effective lock that can be secured to something else? Better still,a GPS-enabled tracking device that will alert me via my phone if the ATV is moved.

Many years ago, I remember moaning in numerous tests that ATVs didn't have clocks on the dashboard, and this when digital watches had become very inexpensive. Eventually they started to appear. Surely the same now applies to GPS and smart phone-like apps. I shouldn't need an expensive Garmin accessory to know how far away the nearest petrol pump is and whether it's open or sells food.

The trouble is that it is much easier and cheaper for manufacturers to keep refining the machines they already make, rather than thinking afresh. Focus groups don't always help, either. Steve Jobs had no time for that approach. An ATV would surely have incorporated innovative, elegant, high-tech solutions to these and other long-standing flaws. Further infomation, click
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