It's Wise To Make Your Way Into The Circuit

If you've ever been to the Jerez, GP, you'll know that the crowds are big - so big that it's wise to make your way into the circuit before dawn on race day if you want a decent spot. As the Andalu sian dawn crept over the hills ides that surround the circuit - turning the sky purple, pink, turquoise and blue - Torres used to play Pink Floyd's "Shine on you crazy diamond at full blast over the circuit public system .

It was a surreal experience: the Floyd's eerie sounds drifting across Jerez as the sunrise illuminated tens of thousands of fans pouring over the hillsides, carrying gallons of booze, whole hams, trumpets and fireworks.

The moment set the tone for the rest of the day, during which Torres - whose day job is leading his flamenco blues band, The Sharp Knives would shout and sing his way through the races, working the crowd as if he was at a gig. He would roll his RRRs - Juan Garrriga, Alex Crrriville, Dani Pedrrrosa, until you thought his head would explode, when a few thousand firecrackers would go off instead.

No surprise then that Torres has been sacked and replaced by a Dorna man, who goes about his job without any of the musician's magic. At about the same time they got rid of Torres, II Circuito de Jerez tidied away the vast tent city that thronged around the circuit gates - pigs roasting on camp fires, all -night parties, wonderful bedlam - and replaced it with a huge tarmac car park. This was all part of the multi-million pound improvements that brought Jerez close to bankruptcy.

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised by any of this. The relentless drive of western society is to smooth out all of life's interesting corners to make our existence neater, tidier, safer and more boring. In place of fun-filled A roads we get motorways - more efficient, but much less fun.

It has always been so. About 200 years ago author William Hazlitt complained that the thrill and adventure of horse and coach travel had been ruined by better roads and more efficient stage coaching. In a modern stage coach we may grow drowsy, but we arrive safely, without any very amusing or very sad amusements during our journey, he wrote in 1819. More ATV parts info at

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