No Need To Worry About Scooter Parts Revs

That lack of scooter parts noise was one of the first sensations I became aware of once under way; it's even more pronounced as this scooter's belt final drive is quieter than the previous chain. The only sound was a slight motor whining that was soon lost in the wind as the Zero picked up speed, which it did at a very entertaining rate, at least so long as I kept it in the "Sport' mode.

The Zero's no superscooter, but it is light and responsive and with its electric motor putting out full torque throughout the rev range it was pretty quick and entertaining. Initially, the pace was too slow, as Zero's lead rider was being gentle with his right wrist, so much so that it was easy to keep up using the 'Eco' mode although the rider ahead would gain several metres coming out of every corner. Bur riding that way was neither full nor a proper test of the scooter. So when the road opened out, I fIicked into the sport mode and wound the throttle back to overtake and see what the Zero could do.

The answer was quite a bit, thanks to straight-line performance that was stronger than a 125's; roughly similar to that of a sporty 250-cc twin. The Zero was easier to ride, always having a decent amount of acceleration on tap, with no need to worry about scooter parts revs and changing gear as you would on a typical 250. Just twist that throttle and go, in scooter style - up to an indicated max 130 km/h on one short straight, with a little more to come.

Throttle response was good, notably better than that of last year's Zero. At slow speeds there was still a very slight delay typical of electric motors, which felt a little like the lag from a scooter's cvt transmission, But the new controller is a big improvement and the S-scooter's regenerative system also helped, because it gave some scooter parts braking on shutting the throttle that made the Zero feel more like a conventional scooter. A slight buzzing sound audible under braking was the regen system doing its stuff.

The brakes worked well, with the up ated front stopper a significant improvement upon the previous S-scooter's tiny disc. Handling was pretty good, too. The Zero was light and very flickable, through its steep steering geometry gave a slightly nervous feel. The uprated, Taiwanese-made FastAce suspension has less travel than the previous S-scooter's, but with 140 mm up front and 149 rnm at the rear it's still long -travel by roadster standards. Further scooter and parts info at
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