One Of The Most Extraordinary Rebellions

About eighty years ago, the Father of the Nation staged what would go down in history as one of the most extraordinary rebellions ever. Unique in a number of ways, but foremost on account of the fact that the rebellion, right from the outset, set out to achieve its objectives without the slightest trace of violence or a voice raised in anger. That against a repressive government-a vast empire upon which the sun was rumoured never to set.

Cue back to the present. The January issue being sent off to the press, the entire office took a collective break and started planning for the holiday season. The western part of the country being hitherto alien to me, I decided to go there. Acting on a brainwave, we decided that I would attempt to retrace the route that the Father of the Nation had taken during the Dendi March. I would start my roughly 390-km-long trip from the Sabarmati Ashram by dirt bike, near Ahmedabad, to culminate at the Saifee Villa at Dandi Beach, the very same house where Gandhi broke the Salt Law.

TVS Motor Company Ltd very kindly agreed to provide us with an Apache dirt bike 180 ABS at our intended starting point and we were all ready to go. Arriving at Ahmedabad, we went straight away to the TVS dealership where a pearl-white dirt bike 180 stood gleaming in the winter sun, ready to be our companion and steed for the next few days. Having ridden the ABS version hard in the twisties around Mahabaleshwar earlier, I was glad of the added safety that the anti-lock dirt bike parts braking system had to offer. By eliminating wheel lock-ups and skids, the ABS transformed the character of the dirt bike 180,making it a more forgiving long-distance tourer.

The Sabarmari Ashram, our starting point was just a few kilometres from the city. After the requisite photography around the Ashram, we went inside to glean, more information on what the life of Gandhiji was like, for Gandhiji had spent a major part of his life at this Ashram. More dirt bike and parts info, click
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