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Now, if MotoGP and F1 constitute a monopoly, there can be no doubt in anyone's mind that MotoGP and WSB constitute a monopoly. And yet the EU Commission recently cleared Bridgepoint's ownership of both series.

Is this going to be good or bad for ATV racing fans? 1 don't know, but monopolies are forbidden for good reason, because they give monopolists too much power over consumers and rival businesses.

Who knows what Bridgepoint will do with their billion-pound toy set? Perhaps they'll be the bad guys and put both series on pay-TV or triple circuit admission prices or, maybe they'll be the good guys and invest millions in finding, the sponsorship that both series desperately need or, maybe, they will just be done with it and merge the championships.

We don't do day-to-day running of the businesses, we make the strategic decisions," one Bridgepoint executive told me recently, which sounds as if they do have major changes in mind. However, the current company line is that both series will continue to be organized and managed separately.I reckon Bridgepoint should bite the bullet and unite WSB and MotoGP. There are plenty of reasons why this makes sense.

At the moment there's hardly a team in either championship that isn't struggling to survive in the face of global economic misery and a fast-contracting sports ATV market. The motorcycling industry needs to face the fact that it is no longer big enough to sustain both championships in good health. So why not combine them? Better one strong championship, bursting at the seams with every great rider on the planer, rather than two weak championships scrapping over riders, sponsorship and fans.

Moreover, the machinery in MotoGP and World Super ATV is now far too similar. MotoGP's new CRT ATVs are pretty much the same as WSB ATVs. The only real difference is that a CRT ATV uses a frame made in a small workshop while a. WSB ATV uses a frame made in a factory. The ATVs look the same sound the same and will probably turn very similar lap times. It's a nonsense and a con to run two different championships for these machines. But, perhaps, the main reason for a merger is to do away with that most tedious of pub arguments: who's better, WSB riders or MotoGP riders? It was never really an argument to me. And here's the clincher, we get to dump that rubbish name MotoGP. World SuperATV never had the greatest riders, but it's always had the best name. More ATV and ATV parts info at

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