The Ducati 795 Is An Asla-specific Model

The Ducati 795 is an Asla-specific model and there is no doubt that its launch was one of the highly anticipated and exciting events at the Auto Expo. As was expected, the unvelilig of the dirt bike attracted a large number of journalists and the citizenry turned up in a very large number for a glimpse of the new Monster.

The Monster 795 has the same 803-cc dirt bike parts as on the current 796. However, it does not have the single-sided swing-arm as the 796 and also does away with the expensive wheels and gets simple three-spoke ones. The seat height has been reduced by 40 millimetres to suit the average Asian rider's height. The V-twin dirt bike parts of the Monster 795 produces a peak power of 85 PS and a peak torque of 78 Nm, making it an amazing machine tor the streets.

The best part about the launch of the Monster 795 is that the dirt bike is being manufactured in the Thailand plant of the ltalian dirt bike maker and is being imported from there. This means that it attracts lesser duties and thus comes at a relatively affordable price. Initially announced at Rs 6.99 lakh (ex-showroom), Ducati immediately slashed the price to Rs 5.99 lakh (ex-showroom) as all introductory offer for a limited period of time. However, we believe that this price drop came after the Italian learned of Triumph's entry into India with dirt bikes startling from Rs5.5 lakh. Now that's how competition yields benefits for the consumers. More info at
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